Surpass Your Goals with Features that Drive Performance

We’ve honed features that will help you win. 

The Field’s routing software offers limitless customization tailored to your needs, territory management like you’ve never seen, super-simple UI, powerful team management, and flawless Salesforce integration. Let us empower you with the instant insights you need to maximize in-field results.

Unlimited Custom Campaigns

With limitless ways to customize our UI, get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The Field offers boundless ways to customize driving, door-to-door, and venue-based campaigns. We work closely with new partners to tailor their campaigns to their use case. Later, our game-changing user interface can easily be adjusted for your team using intuitive buttons, actions, and data, making it easy to target your best opportunities.


Robust Team

Track team performance and location in real time from the app.

Robust reports automate data that delivers built-in accountability—i.e., how much time staff spends at or between doors. Our comprehensive visual tracking and mapping features also let you manage your teams, assign daily routes, and analyze statistics at the end of each day. 


Visualize areas with the most opportunity to assign your team their territories.

Our best-in-class mapping technology lets you query your Salesforce data to zoom in on any given geographical area. Once an area is selected, we deliver powerful territory analysis about the terrain, enabling you to assign routes that maximize your efforts.


Built to

Take control in The Field.

Our Built to Suit partnership includes working closely with you to create custom reports, leaderboards, and a flow that makes it easy for you to effortlessly manage your team and keep them focused—and performing at their max.


Optimize door to door and driving routes to save time, meet more prospects.

The Field’s powerful routing software means admins can customize it to give teams tailored and intuitive route data, whether they’re driving, walking or biking. Getting the most efficient routes means your team members can hit the ground running, save time, talk to more prospects, and surpass their goals.


Integrate with everything Salesforce has to offer, and more.

Because The Field is part of your Salesforce CRM, it integrates easily with your Salesforce Flows, processes, and apps, allowing you to build on Salesforce’s APIs to integrate with almost any tool.


Visualize areas with the most opportunity

Increase daily visits with optimized routes

Streamlined UI frees you to focus on results

Improve performance with real-time KPIs

Optimized for mobile

Territory management, FEATURES

Why the field?

Make The Field The Right Choice For Your Salesforce Territory Management

more Features

Custom route optimization for B2B and B2C sales and service appointments

Multi-point driving, walking, or biking directions

Custom markers to display the status of your records

The ability to create new markers while working the route in the app

Search and add data to Salesforce directly from the app

Territory management, FEATURES

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