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Maximize Your ROI with Route Optimization Software

The Field’s route optimization and sales territory mapping tools help you complete more appointments and close more deals.

Sales Territory Mapping Features

The Field gives you real-time sales effectiveness, making sales territory mapping simpler, easier, and more efficient.

  • Route Optimization Software for B2B Sales

    B2B sales can be inefficient if you’re using processes and tools that don’t meet your needs. But The Field’s best-in-class sales territory mapping technology makes it easier to create intuitive and personalized sales routes and deliver detailed information about prospects to your teams. Between our automated routes and tools to overlay your data, we offer a seamless, customizable approach that powers your team to meet more prospects and close more sales.

  • Support for High-Performing Teams

    High-performing sales teams require support and accountability, and for that, you need to apply location intelligence to business processes. Leaderboards and real-time data raise the bar for your team. The Field’s powerful tracking system helps you analyze your team’s travel paths, view results in real time, track time between and during appointments, and require team members to be close to their next meeting to check in. These tools and insights help you stay efficient, save time, and keep your team performing at their max.

  • Take Control with a Simple & Customizable UI

    Our user interface has everything your managers and team members need, and nothing that they don’t. Managers will love our super-customizable user interface. No more asking your sales canvassing app to update the user interface to make it work to meet your needs. Managers control the UI with custom data, pins, and actions for your field teams for each campaign. Team members will stop tinkering with settings and start selling using our streamlined Field Route that shows their schedule, route, the data they need, and actions to take.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Because The Field is part of your Salesforce CRM, the data from your salesforce maps directly onto your route. Our route optimization software seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce processes and apps. Use our action buttons to integrate with Salesforce Surveys, order forms, Flows, or FormAssembly. Build on Salesforce’s robust APIs to integrate with almost any tool.

Up Your Game in The Field

Our sales territory mapping app gives you a birds-eye view of your team’s sales routes and territories.

The Field’s visual tracking and mapping features give managers a better picture of their team and enhanced insights into performance and travel paths.

In other words, it provides effortless team management in real-time.

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