Standard Plan

The Field, Out of the Box
$ 29
per user / month
billed annually
  • $35 per user / month with monthly contract
  • Territory and Route Management
  • Optimize Door to Door Territories and Routes​
  • Optimize Driving Territories and Routes​
  • Site Based Territory Management
  • Customizable UI
  • Create Custom Action Buttons
  • Control Data and Marker Displays
  • Track Team Performance
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Custom Check-Ins
  • Integrations with Flows, Surveys
  • Works in the Salesforce App and Communities
  • Customer Support

Built to Suit

Custom Process, Reporting
$ 49
per user / month
billed annually
  • Everything from Standard Plan, and...
  • Custom UI to Streamline Your Process*
  • Account Manager
  • Custom Leaderboards
  • Five Custom Reports
  • Access to Flow Library
  • Access to Reports Library

Face to Face Fundraising

The Field + Membership Drive
$ 69
per user / month
annual contract billed monthly
  • Everything from Standard Plan, and...
  • Donation Forms
  • Contactless Payments
  • Payment Gateway Connections
  • Canvasser Integrity Checks
  • 50+ Standard Reports
  • Fundraising & Retention Dashboards
  • PCI Compliant
  • Custom UI to Streamline Your Process* an additional $10 per user / month

* Custom UI includes creating up to two Screen Flows that update existing Objects and fields in your Salesforce when your Users interact with the map, including the Statistics Object for reporting, and the Object that your Field Campaign is built on. Expert configuration support hours are capped at one hour per annual User license you purchase or ten hours at $240 per hour, whichever is greater. Additional hours can be purchased upon request.

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