Operations and onboarding – if set up right – make training easy and lower the new rep failure rate. If you are not using an account mapping software, like The Field, chances are that you will find that onboarding new team members is a hassle, each and every time.

Repeating the process with new prospects – each time giving them training and performing other administrative tasks – things that are super repetitive for you becomes a chore quickly. However, there is a better way. A way in which your trainers can ensure that new reps can implement newly learned information effectively.

What if you could create markers to display the status of your records and to create new markers in The Field?

, Operations

Create Maps 

By using The Field, you’ll get immediate access to an organized route that makes the most sense for the addresses included in the shift. Once you’ve sent it to the team member, you will then track where they are in real-time on their route, using geolocation and if they need help at any point you can step in as an informed user.

Onboard Easily

Whether your team is campaigning, doing door-to-door sales, or anything else, they can knock with confidence. Client data is available on their personalized user interface, giving them everything they need to know for that interaction.

Set Expectations

By providing an organized route, client data, and everything your team member needs before entering the field, sales will be maximized and your customers will get the service that they really want and deserve. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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