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Solar Door-to-Door Sales Made Simple. Finally.

Let The Field help you optimize your door-to-door efforts and support your teams so they can do what they do best—closing deals that lead to a greener future.


The Field makes every aspect of mobile-app solar sales easier, more efficient, and more intuitive.
Welcome to solar made simple.

Optimize Door-to-Door, Driving, and Site-Based Territories

Solar can cost too much and take too long—often because of clunky sales processes and tools that don’t meet your needs. But The Field’s best-in-class territory-mapping technology makes it easier to create intuitive and personalized sales routes, whether you’re doing solar door to door sales or lead gen, optimizing solar sales routes based on your calendar, or managing in-store, site-based teams. Between our automated routes, powerful analytics, and tools to overlay your data, we offer a seamless, customized approach that maximizes solar sales results.

Support for High-Performing Teams

High-performing teams for solar door-to-door sales require support and accountability, and for that, you need a holistic view of their performance. Leaderboards and real-time data raise the bar for your team. The Field’s powerful tracking system helps you analyze your team’s travel paths, view results in real time, track time between and during appointments, and requires team members to be close to their location to check in. These tools and insights help you stay efficient, save time, and keep your team motivated and performing at their max.

Take Control with a Simple & Customizable UI

Our user interface has everything your managers and team members need. Managers will love our super-customizable user interface. No more asking your sales canvassing app to update the UI to make it work to meet your needs: take control of the UI with custom data, pins, and actions for your field teams for each campaign. Team members will appreciate the simple Field Route that shows their schedule, route, the data they need, and the actions to take. Less time tinkering with admin means more time doing what they do best—sales. Team members can stop tinkering with settings and start selling, using our streamlined Field Route that shows their schedule, route, the data they need, and actions to take.

Seamless Integrations

Because The Field is part of your Salesforce CRM, the data from your Salesforce maps directly onto your route. The Field seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce Flows, processes and apps. Use our action buttons to integrate with Salesforce Surveys, order forms, or FormAssembly. Build on Salesforce’s robust APIs to integrate with almost any tool.

Up Your Game in The Field

The Field’s route-optimization software gives you a birds-eye view of your team’s sales routes and territories.

What Our Users are Saying...

"Impeccable software"

The Field is incredible when it comes to ease of use and understanding it’s functionality. Anyone in the realm of canvassing, sales, campaigning, fundraising should use the Field!

Tyler Larson

"Excellent software!"

The Field is excellent software. It’s fast and very user friendly!

Brian Farrell

"Easy to Use"

The Field has been extremely easy to use and straightforward to learn. It only took me one day to get up to speed and now it is easy to plot points, enter data, and transition from one door to the next quickly. I’d recommend for any canvassing or door-to-door sales.
Olivia Folger

"New user friendly"

I’ve been using the field for a month and I was surprised to see how quickly I picked it up. Super clear, simple, and easy to use. Would recommend to anybody looking for an easy mapping solution!
Malaya Hugger


I run an office of canvassers and love that the field is mobile friendly! I’m able to draw and assign turf on my phone/ipad. I also love being able to plan routes in advance.
Cassandra Rodriguez

"Totally user friendly!"

As a Salesforce developer, I’ve reviewed, and built, many Apps. This App is simple to use, but don’t let that fool you. While it’s easy to use, it is incredibly configurable for countless business cases, from sales to fundraising to political canvassing.
Nirav Tejani

"Efficiency at Scale"

I have a team 100 door to door fundraisers and The Field is a smooth and efficient solution to mapping out your campaign’s contacts or universe across your markets. Fundraisers can quickly visit previous contacts and create new contacts with addresses and record responses instantly and all points display distinctly on the map. It’s very reasonably priced, easy to deploy, and easy to train your team at scale. I highly recommend this to any campaign or sales professionals as it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Steven Rufo