Field Teams

Our field sales app just made onboarding obsolete

Maximize your field teams’ productivity

With The Field’s powerful field sales app, you can say goodbye to the time your teams used to spend on admin and tinkering with settings on your app for sales reps. Instead, they’ll be up and running in minutes. 

FIeld Sales App, Field Teams

User Benefits

Users of The Field, and the personalized field teams interface for each user, have reported that, they would spend two to three hours a week planning their route, now they just have a couple of anchor meetings, and then they just fill in the rest, as they go. The Field gives them more freedom to improvise effectively.

Information Sharing

Information is easy to add, and can also be done in real-time, and is based on forms that are customizable for the work that the team is doing. The best part? More data is easily accessible at any time from the Salesforce backend database.

Create on Demand

The Field users can also create proposals or custom donation forms at the door, that pull information directly from Salesforce. This means that your sales team has information that is accurate and pre-populated on their devices so nothing gets in the way of the close.

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