Field Managers

Field Managers

There is nothing worse than having your team out in the field and them not knowing what to do.

This leads to unrest and people wasting their time, effort, and resources because they do not know how to proceed with their day. On the other hand, you can give your field managers insight into what is working and what they can do better.

Using The Field sales app, you’ll be able to see the metrics that matter most to your bottom line.

, Field Managers

Analytics = Efficiency

If you are interested in increasing your team performance by understanding the key metrics, The Field will do the job for you. Beyond being a phenomenal sales route planner it’s also tracking analytics.

These key metrics can be time between doors, time at doors, on route versus off route hours, and effectiveness in the field – and the best part is that this information can be used irrespective of what you are selling or canvassing for.

Knowledge is Power

If you know what is happening in the field, you can manage your business. If you’re not tracking this information you’re missing out on a critical piece of the puzzle.

Using an in field staff tracking app, like The Field, gives you more information on what is going on out on the route.

Enable your sales team to work together and have the data they need at the right moment. It is a fact that 90% or more meetings close – and a sale is generated – when you approach a prospect with a product in the category that they have a genuine need for.

Know The Customer

Having your team use The Field sales mobile app means you will be able to know exactly what needs your customer has and target those needs directly.

Instead of wasting time and effort making notes on an outside sales app, The Field uploads directly to your Salesforce records. 

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