FAQ The Field

Yes, The Field can add new records in real time for easy prospecting without existing records. Qualify the lead without ever having seen the record before

Yes, you can use any data from any source. The Field will show any data that is stored in Salesforce. This can be custom or standard objects.

Yes, teams are not limited to geographic area, your territories to manage can be as large or small as you need.

Action buttons can update records with drop downs or yes/no answers at the touch of a button. Multiple actions for each button are available.

Yes, the field can be configured to any standard or custom object.

No, At least one Admin or Manager needs a full license, but field users can use the tool with a Force.com license. The limitations of Force.com licenses apply to the Opportunity, Lead and Campaign objects in Salesforce.

The Field can map any size route and will optimize for walking, driving, or biking.

No, the progress and metrics can be run in a report after the records are updated.

Checking in/out is a way to monitor activity at each door. These times can be used for performance reporting or visibility of activity over time.

Yes, if the address that exists within Google Maps.

We offer 2 hours of complimentary set up and configuration time for each sign up. Additional hours are offered through the Enterprise package and can be purchased separately.

Yes, this must be done in the campaign ahead of time. Once the day starts it is difficult to go back and make changes.

The field already exists in the record. For example, if you already have a Hot, Warm, Cold rating field you can easily set the marker to one of those upon creation. Alternatively, you can update the status within the record from your mobile device.

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