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A best-in-class mapping solution has arrived. Meet The Field.

Boost performance and efficiency, save time and money, and take control of your user experience.

Finding a single Salesforce app that can work for both canvassing and sales territory management has been challenging—until now. The Field has everything you need and more. Mobile-friendly, it moves fast, and has an insanely configurable, easy-to-use UI. Best of all, it optimizes your walking and driving routes, superpowering your results.


The Field’s mapping solution makes your life simpler by helping you minimize busy work and put your field teams where they belong—in the field, getting results.

  • Optimize Routing, Driving, and Site-Based Territories

    Territory management can be inefficient when tools don’t meet your needs. But our best-in-class canvassing app makes it easy to create intuitive and personalized routes whether you’re driving to close the deal or doing door-to-door sales, fundraising, or voter canvassing. Between our powerful analytics and tools that overlay your data, we offer a simplified yet custom approach.

  • Support for High-Performing Teams

    Successful teams require support and accountability, and for that, you need a comprehensive view of their performance. The Field’s powerful tracking system helps you analyze performance, and provides real-time tracking data to managers. Our tools and insights help you boost performance, hit maximum efficiency, and keep your team motivated.

  • Take Control with a Simple & Customizable UI

    The Field offers both simplicity (for your team) and configurability (for your managers). Managers will love our bells-and-whistles user interface because they can customize it with data, pins, and actions for each and every campaign. Team members will appreciate the simplified Field Route which helps them do less tinkering with admin and more of what they do bestsales.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Because The Field is part of your Salesforce CRM, it seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce Flows, processes, and apps—and you can build on Salesforce’s robust APIs to integrate with almost any tool. Use our action buttons to integrate with Salesforce Surveys, order forms, or FormAssembly.  

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Effortless team management in real time.

Our sales territory management app’s uber-configurable tracking and mapping features give managers a better picture of their team and enhanced insights into workflows, obstacles, and travel paths. 

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